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Get access to wide and varied gallery of PowerPoint, Word and Excel templates, PowerPoint Graphics & Diagrams and Photo-Icons professionally designed to help you achieve in minutes the desired impact in each of your presentations.

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  • PowerPoint
    Graphics gallery
    With the PowerPoint Graphics and Diagrams that Xprss Design offers, you will be able to represent business concepts in an impressive, clear and visually attractive way in only a few minutes. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetuer adipiscing elit.
    Subscríbase por solo: $ 49.95 USD
  • Photo-Icons
    With the Photo Icons you will be able to include graphical elements in your PowerPoint, Word and Excel presentations or Templates, creating the desired impact, allowing you to explain better each and every point of your presentation.
    Subscríbase por solo: $ 39.95 USD
  • Logotype
    To obtain a correct Corporative Image, the logotype of your company or brand must transmit the correct identity. If your company or product doesn´t have a Logotype yet, you can find one in our vast gallery of Logotypes and begin using it immediately or insert it in one of our Templates.
    Browse our free downloads area where you will find some examples of the many products we offer that will help you to improve your corporate image reflected in your presentations, documents and corporate reports. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetuer adipiscing elit. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,

Personalized templates:

Don't be just one mor of the heard!

Easy, Fast and professional:

  • Acquire any of our services,
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  • Receive design proposals,

Our professional team of designers will create presentations, documents and reports that communicate the desires message clearly , obtaining an excellent branding, differentiating you from the competition and obtaining the expected impact.

  • Price: $250 USD
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3 Items Package:
Save money by purchasing the complete customization package (PowerPoint, Word and Excel),

Recommended software
Dashboardtools banner
Dashboards Tools
for Excel
Our former Excel tool: Mini Charts for Excel, is now Dashboard Tools for Excel, which does not only helps you to understand complex relationships in your Excel data but it allows you to build Excel dashboards faster and easier.
Presentation Tools
ISpring Presenter ($399)
iSpring Presenter works as a PowerPoint AddIn. It transforms your PowerPoint into a high end tool for creating engaging and interactive Flash based e-learning courses that can be viewed on virtually any computer or platform.
ISpring Presenter
DataPoint ($1907.00)
DataPoint is a professional PowerPoint add-on that you can use to update automatically the content of your PowerPoint presentations. Enhance your PowerPoint presentations with real-time content coming from external data sources. All content is updated automatically by DataPoint..
PPTools Protect ($29.95)
Protect your presentations from unwanted tampering and prevent unauthorized use of your presentation content. PPTools Protect makes a copy of your original PowerPoint presentation and converts each original slide to a bitmap image of the slide.
PPTools ImageExport
ISpring Pro($249)
It produces quality Flash movies that preserve every aspect of your initial PowerPoint presentation, even the new features of PowerPoint 2010 and trigger animations. It converts animations and transition effects, images and videos preserving audio.
ISpring Pro
PPTools ShapeStyles ($99.95)
Give PowerPoint the power of styles: Think how much more efficient you'd be if you could format one PowerPoint shape exactly the way you want it, save it, then apply that same formatting to any other shape in any presentation. Now imagine that you can save an infinite number of different styles and apply the style to...
FILEminimizer Suite
Cresotech PhotoPoint($38)
Cresotech PHOTOPOINT is a multimedia tool that simply and quickly creates a photo presentation or personal style photo album without any technical skills! Press the Start Presentation and enjoy the powerful image show.
Prep4PDF — PowerPoint to PDF

Use WebReports, publish easily your
PowerPoint presentations and share them
with you desire who

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Improve your Corporate Image. We professionally customize your presentations. Xprss Design offers an excellent solution to improve and/or create your corporate presentations or documents.

We customize your presentations and documents using the corporative colors of your company or brand; communicate a correct corporate identity of the company.


If you or your company work in Microsoft Office, you will have access, for an entire year, to a complete and rich library of PowerPoint templates, Word templates, Excel templates, business graphics and diagrams, photo-icons and presentation tools for Microsoft Office, that cover the main industries, categories and subjects.


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