A visual corporative identity correctly developed will allow your company to project a suitable corporative image, positioning your brand in an effective way, obtaining a good identification within your target audience.
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Office Templates Gallery
Xprss Design has a rich gallery of templates for MS- Office professionally designed, which can be personalized, allowing you to give to your presentations a professional and impressive look.
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Xprss Design Products
Graphics and Diagrams 
With the Power Point Graphics and Diagrams that Xprss Design offers, you will be able to represent business concepts in an impressive, clear and visually attractive way in only a few minutes. The Power Point Graphics and Diagrams can be copied directly to the slides of your Power Point presentations or if you prefer it you can work directly on them.

Xprss Design Products
Photo-Icons and Icons Set 
With the Photo Icons you will be able to include graphical elements in your presentations creating, thanks to its thematic content, the desired impact allowing you to explain better each and every point of your presentation. The photo Icons are available in the same categories that templates of Microsoft Power Point and Microsoft Word allowing an easy integration and to obtain excellent results. .

Xprss Design Products
Logotype Gallery
In order to obtain a correct Corporative Image, the logotype of your company or brand must reflect and transmit the correct identity. If your company or product doesn´t have a Logotype yet, you can find one in our vast gallery and begin using it immediately. Your Logotype will make your brand stands out in the middle of a sea of companies.


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