DataPoint ™ - dynamic presentations

DataPoint is a professional PowerPoint add-on that you can use to update automatically the content of your PowerPoint presentations.

Enhance your PowerPoint presentations with real-time content coming from external data sources. All content is updated automatically by DataPoint.

  Application capabilities
  • Self updating PowerPoint presentations.
  • Information display with information coming from various data sources.
  • Graphical display of your information in real-time during the slide show.
  • Generate new up-to-date presentation with 1 click.

    DataPoint integrated in your PowerPoint menu

    A DataPoint item will be added to your normal Microsoft PowerPoint menu. This new menu hosts all DataPoint actions that you can perform to create a dynamic presentation. In addition a DataPoint toolbar is installed with shortcuts to the most common DataPoint actions.

    Create and edit data connections

    Before you start you have to set the properties of the slide show. Here you define which data sources can be used in your presentation.

    Data connection properties

    Name your data connection and specify the path or database connection properties. For Excel connections you specify which worksheet to use and the cell range. For database connections you specify which table, query or view to use.

    Overview of all data connections

    At the slide show properties you find a list of all defined external data connections. You can modify, delete or add new data connections.

    Real-time content update

    DataPoint updates automatically your PowerPoint presentation during the slide show with the latest information available.

  Links to external data sources
  • Text files - Use a text file in order to link e.g. the content of a list with text fields in PowerPoint.
  • Excel worksheets - Link any Excel worksheet and specify which rows and columns you want to use in your presentation.
  • Databases - Link any database directly to your PowerPoint presentation. Content from databases like Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Informix etc can be linked via a network or internet connection.


  • Create dynamic presentations
  • Single data update at startup
  • Continuous update of content
  • Create and edit data connections
  • Delete data connections (offline presentations*)
  • Create presentations for DataPoint Viewer
  • Create presentations for MessagePoint Enterprise Edition
  • Links to text files
  • Links to Excel worksheets
  • Links to Access and other databases


  Link PowerPoint content

You can link all objects of a PowerPoint presentation to external data sources:

  • Text (Text and numeric information)
  • Charts (linked datasheet)
  • Tables
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  System requirements

    Windows 3.1x, Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP x32, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows Server 2003 x32


    $1.907 USD


Our former Excel tool: Mini Charts for Excel, is now Dashboard Tools for Excel, which does not only helps you to understand complex relationships in your Excel data but it allows you to build Excel dashboards faster and easier






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