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Become a Flash Pro with PowerPoint

iSpring Pro produces quality Flash movies that preserve every aspect of your initial PowerPoint presentation, even the new features of PowerPoint 2010 and trigger animations. iSpring PowerPoint to Flash software converts animations and transition effects, images and videos preserving audio and attributes too.

iSpring Pro also enables the addition of Voice Overs with a process that is streamlined and simple. The result is professional presentations that can be created and shared in hours instead of weeks.

  What’s new in iSpring Pro 5.5

iSpring Pro 5.5 delivers our latest innovations in PowerPoint to Flash conversion. The updated release adds powerful features to accurately reproduce the effects and interactivity included in PowerPoint presentations.

  • Resume presentation option
  • Improved trigger animations with 3D transitions support
  • Fullscreen mode keyboard control
  • Improved Publish to FTP window
  • Easier references and attachment management




Whatever you create in PowerPoint, iSpring Presenter can make your PowerPoint brainchild easily distributable, viewable and accessible anywhere accurately transforming the original PowerPoint effects and interactivity.

  • Deliver presentations in the widely supported Flash format
  • Enrich your slideshows with imported or recorded audio narrations
  • Select and personalize players while adding presenters' info and logos
  • Create rich media content
  • PowerPoint Content
  • Multimedia Support
  • Flash Movie Tuning
  • Flash-based Player
  • Publishing and Delivery
  • Advanced Options
  • Output Formats
  • Compression control


  iSpring Pro and iSpring Presenter

iSpring Pro is the ideal solution for quick and professional conversion of your PowerPoint presentations. iSpring Presenter steps it up to provide you with the features and functionality required to create Flash-based e-learning content and courses. Use the feature grid below to determine which edition best meets your particular requirements.

Feature iSpring Pro iSpring Presenter

- PowerPoint XP/2003/2007/2010 support189 of 199
- PowerPoint 2003/2007/2010 animation effects
- All PowerPoint 2003/2007/2010 slide transitions
- Hyperlinks and action buttonsSlide Masters with interactive elements
- Slide notes styles Ink annotation tools

- Password protection    
- Custom watermark    
- Allowing playback in the set domains only    
- 10 Integrated Flash-based Player templates
- Customizable player skins
- Publish presets
- Customizable preloader
- Multilevel navigation
- Multiple presenters & company logos
- Presentation and Slide ActionScript API    
- Animations and transitions disabling    
- Integrated QuizMaker    
- SCORM / AICC compliant content generation for LMS    
- Upload and track at iSpring Online CMS    
- YouTube videos insert
- Audio narration recording & sync
- Inserting external Flash
- Media compression control
- Presenter video    

- Flash movie managing
- Live preview before conversion
- Keyboard controls customization
- Web links & References manager
- Single Flash (.SWF) movie for presentation
- Separate Flash movie for each PPT slide
- Publishing to SWF/EXE/HTML/ZIP
- Publishing to CD/DVD


Purchase Business Edition

iSpring Pro iSpring Presenter
  System requirements

    Microsoft Windows XP, VISTA , Win 7

    Microsoft Excel 2007.


    $249.00 USD


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