PPTools Protect


PPTools Protect - Make your presentation uneditable

Protect your presentations from unwanted tampering and prevent unauthorized use of your presentation content.

PPTools Protect makes a copy of your original PowerPoint presentation and converts each original slide to a bitmap image of the slide.

It's almost impossible to change the content of a Protected presentation, and nobody can copy and paste the text and data since there is no text and data to be copied in a Protected show.

Do I really NEED Protect?

You could always manually export each slide in the presentation to a bitmap picture then re-import each picture into a new presentation and size it to fill the screen, but why go to all that effort?

Protect does all that for you automatically in a few seconds. Then it does more. Protect also lets you:

  • Choose the resolution of the bitmap pictures you export so that the Protected presentation is optimized for the screen you plan to display it on
  • Optionally include slide titles in the outline of your Protected presentation so you can still navigate quickly to any slide
  • Optionally include speaker notes from the original presentation in the Protected version

Animations? Links?

No. Because each slide is converted to a single bitmap, your animations and links will no longer function in the Protected version of the presentation. Your original presentation will remain unchanged, of course.



Transfer slide titles
Put a checkmark next to this if you want Protect to transfer the slide titles from the original presentation to the protected version. Including the slide titles makes it easier to navigate within the presentation in some situations.

Make titles invisible
The slide titles will ordinarily be hidden by the bitmap of the slide image in the protected presentation, but if the end user deletes the bitmap, they'll be able to see and possibly edit the titles. Invisible titles make it much more difficult to select and edit the title text.

Transfer notes text
Put a checkmark next to this to have Protect transfer your notes text to the new protected presentation.

Presentation will be played back on
Choose the target resolution and PowerPoint version that will play back your presentation. An exact match will give the best possible results. If you don't know how your presentation will be displayed, choose PowerPoint 2000 at 1024 x 768 for best results on the widest variety of systems.

Create protected presentation in
Choose the folder where you want to save your protected presentation


  System requirements

    Office/PowerPoint and Windows versions
    Protect is an add-in for Windows PowerPoint. It works with these versions of PowerPoint:

    •PowerPoint 97 (limited support)
    •PowerPoint 2000
    •PowerPoint 2002 (aka XP)
    •PowerPoint 2003
    •PowerPoint 2007
    •PowerPoint 2010 32-bit
    •NOT PowerPoint 2010 64-bit

    Protect is compatible with Windows 98 through Windows 7. It has not been tested with, and may not be compatible with 64-bit versions of Windows or Office 2010/64-bit. Office 2010 Click-To-Run versions cause problems with Protect. We're looking into workarounds.


    $29.95 USD


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